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Networking Solutions form the core of your IT. It is the central-most hub of your organization and the most crucial channels through which there is exchange of information. A well built, smartly managed network infrastructure will be a major deciding factor when it comes to your business and its efficiency. Therefore investing in an experienced networking partner is worth all your time and money.
Emarson Infotech is the right partner for you, whether it is making the right choice of networking, or whether it is wireless connectivity, we will help you gain maximum benefits in minimum costs.

We offer following under networking solutions :


Structured Cabling Solutions

Segregation is the key to a more organized cabling system. Adding structure is like adding method to madness when it comes to having to deal with a maze of wires. Our structured cabling will help decide the performance of your network and its efficacy is decided by how well it is managed, implemented and maintained. We offer the best structured cabling through our unique approach to cabling. We deploy state-of-the-art cables to begin with and design it well to avoid any overheating issues or space crunch. After the fundamentals are taken care of our networking allows an uninterrupted voice and video calling all the time. Scalability and security are made priority to make structured cabling work at its best for you.


VOIP Solutions

Our networking and experienced team makes sure you get all the speed and flexibility that can make your business more agile and profitable. Voice over IP makes you connect speedily and without any interruption or down time. This helps you stay connected all the time from with anyone anywhere at any point of time. With VOIP you can stay connected even from home and can reduce travel expenses thus bringing down your expenditures. We facilitate excellent VOIP solutions so that your communication remains unified all the time for better connectivity with your employees and customers.


Data Center Solutions

Scalability and versatility for a seamless integration of cloud, virtualization and even more advanced technologies make up one of the best data centers. We design stable and robust data centers that allow and can handle huge amounts of data which truly help you to stay connected and leverage your business. Data handling and data management are highly important for zero down time. We make sure our solutions offer continuous connectivity through high-end networking for you.



We facilitate excellent coordination within your network with high-end Routing. Super routing is a part of Data management and we make sure your delivery system is always streamlined through perfect, flawless routing systems. With our highly secure networking and routing systems you can seamlessly switch from LAN to Internet. Our routing system completes the circuit of networking in your organization to keep the flow of information continuous and also your business.

Emarson Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

Emarson Infotech is a complete networking solution provider for IT infrastructure. We design, implement and support data and voice communication networks for many multinational, Public sector units and reputed Indian corporate.

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