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Data center is where all your activities happen. It is here where all your invaluable data is stored managed and maintained to be retrieved when most needed. A robust Data center therefore is the need of the time. Your network will only carry information from your Data center and if your Data center is not well managed or secured, it is the carrier of many problems. Therefore, Emarson builds one of the top, high-end Data centers with a clear plan, design and implementation strategy.

We provide following solutions


Planning and Design

A data center is a huge power house; one from which every information that goes out adds and reduces your business value depending upon how well your Data center is managed and strategized. Hence a well planned Data center that has a design that can include all the latest technologies and making it a highly adaptable and agile place has been our aim. The design that supports energy conservation and integration of various other aspects of IT is imperative too.


Data Storage

Given the upcoming intelligent technologies, data is only going to be increasing and coming into your organization in more numbers than before. It’s best to be equipped to be able to cope up with it, as Data is an asset of your organization. Therefore how you store and even manage your data is of prime importance. Only well stored data is of value and therefore Emarson makes sure that there is ample amount of security and compliances in place that help storing your data well. Knowledge-transfer to your work-force to make them understand the storage strategy is also important.



A Data center that has huge adaptability for Cloud infrastructure is one of the most powerful Data centers. Your business will soar with Cloud and thus your Data center needs to be well designed and planned to help leverage Cloud. We help your Data center unify cloud with other technologies to increase the power of technological solutions that you can offer.



Your access at the entry point of your physical infrastructure will also determine a lot of factors for your business. Biometric Access and other measures of physical security surveillance are imperative to keep your data protected. It is not just your network but the work force that also needs to be monitored to avoid any security threats to enter your premises. Thus we make sure that we deploy the latest in physical security devices that can monitor and control who is given access to your organization and when.

Emarson Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

Emarson Infotech is a complete networking solution provider for IT infrastructure. We design, implement and support data and voice communication networks for many multinational, Public sector units and reputed Indian corporate.

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